Lunar Lunacy

Unity had a contest because of their new flash export function and I decided to join. I created this prototype of a game in about a week time.

Lunar Lunacy

For this project I created two new important systems that I most likely will reuse in future projects. The first was a rigidbody based character controller that could work with any gravity. This allowed me to put the player on small planets and still be able to move around correctly.

The second system was an event based logic system. The benefit of this system was that I could write small components that would accept an input and then would execute the logic. I used this, for example, to spawn pickups when killing an enemy, but also to spawn the bullet explosion. In the Unity editor I could drag the health component, which would fire when the health of the player was below 0, to the spawnPickup component input field and also to the spawnExplosion component input field(which was actually a spawnPrefab component). The nice thing also, is that it is completely event based and that way it did not take any performance hit when having those components(unless you used a timer component with a too short interval, of course).


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