EasyDialogue has been updated to 1.1: Now supports xml import and export.

What is it?

EasyDialogue is an extension for the unity editor that lets you easily make and use complex dialogues for your game.

How does it work?

This extension adds a new menuitem to your ‘Window’ menu that opens the new dialogue editor. In the editor you can create new files to store the dialogue, add and remove dialogues, edit speakers and edit the dialogue itself. The dialogue itself is created by use of a graph system where every node in the graph corresponds to a line in the dialogue. You can also specify the speaker for that line and add user specified metadata to it. This is, for example, used in the accompanying tutorial to identify which image to use. You can also create links from one node to another to create multiple branches in the same dialogue.

But in my own scripts?

In your own scripts you have access to the DialogueManager class that provides an interface to use the created dialogues. To walk through a dialogue, you have the functions GetChoices and PickChoice which returns a list of choices or moves the conversation along a specific choice respectively. For more information on how to use it in your own scripts, see the tutorial and documentation.


For a more in-depth tutorial, use the tutorial that was also created with this tool. Tutorial
You can also read the accompanying documentation here: Documentation

Where can i get it?

This extension is available at the asset store.

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