An in-game console similar as used in popular games. Useful as a debugging or testing tool. Define your own commands for testing or call any method on a component in the scene. EasyConsole is very extensible and has support for multiple GUI frontends.

The console in action


  • Display of debug logs
  • Support for directly printing into the console
  • Custom commands that can use any amount of parameters
  • Calling of normal methods on components
  • Proper parsing of command including support for escaped characters.
  • Display of gameobject, components and methods to easily navigate through the scene
  • Help system using an attribute to add a help message to the custom commands
  • Custom parsers to be able to parse your own defined types. Built-in parsers for int, float and string.
  • Easy to change the gui or use a different GUI system altogether. Includes a Unity GUI and a NGUI front-end.
  • Works on Standalone(Win/Mac), Web, iOS and Android


EasyConsole is available on the Unity Asset StoreĀ 

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