A new 2d tilemap shader

A while back I created this 2d tilemap shader and now Igor has sent me an improved version that looks great. Here is the email he sent me:

I found your tilemap shader post extremely helpful- it got me well on my way developing the terrain of a game I’m working on. Having spent a few days extending and refining the system, I thought I’d send it back to you, in case you wanted to add it to the post for any other folks stumbling upon your blog.

Basically, the new shader supports arbitrarily sized maps, layered tiles, and uses Warcraft 3-formatted tilesets.
It also fixes the tile bleeding issue in the original (it was related to precision loss in the pixel color component).

Again, kudos for the original idea.

And here is the updated package that was attached to it: multilayer_tiles.unitypackage

Thanks again, Igor for sending me this updated version.

EasyAchievements has been updated

I have just submitted a new version of EasyAchievements to the asset store. The new version has a few bugs fixed and also has some extra features.


  • Fixed corruption of window when code got recompiled


  • Achievements can now be organized in categories
  • Window usability improved by allowing the resize of the left side

For more information, see the EasyAchievements page or the Asset Store Page

2D Tilemap using shaders

Update: an updated version can be found here

Recently I had been wondering if I could create an easy way of rendering a 2D tilemap with a low amount of verts and drawcalls. My solution was to create a custom shader that will select the correct tile and draw it. This means I can draw a complete tilemap with just 1 quad/2 triangles. For the input I generate an extra texture that has the tilemap information. Currently there is space for animation in the texture but atm I haven’t programmed that yet.

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