My name is Sander Homan. I am 29 years old and am a freelance software developer currently based in the northern part of the Netherlands. Interest in software development began at a young age while experimenting with my father’s ZX Spectrum. Over the course of the years I learned multiple programming languages, but the main languages I currently use are Java and C#.

During college, I grouped up with students from the design department to create a game for the Nintendo GBA. The game was called Metal Wings and was a side scrolling shoot-em-up. Sadly enough never finished or published. See the Metal Wings Project page for more info about this game.

A year ago I became interested again in creating games. I looked at producing games for the flash platform, but then I found Unity. Unity is a high quality 3D engine with an excellent editor. Currently most of my personal game projects are written using Unity.

I also have a big interest in languages. The last 3 years I spend time in Japan learning Japanese. I’m not a native level speaker of course, but at least I can make myself understood in that language now and am able to understand most of what is said to me.

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