Atlantic Provinces Procurement Agreement

(d) the standardization of government procurement policies and practices; (c) promote the procurement of viable contracts in purchasing decisions, including the identification and enhancement of opportunities for cooperation and assistance to social enterprises and businesses that are owned and employ under-represented population groups. 2. Public bodies may tender for goods, services, construction and facilities for amounts below the thresholds set in existing trade agreements. (l) “personal service contract”: an agreement, whether or not an employment contract enters into a written contract between an individual and a public sector body and includes an agreement to amend or renew; n) “shopping web portal,” the public website run and operated by Her Majesty in the right of the province; (a) ensure that their purchasing activities are conducted in accordance with provincial and federal policies, laws, trade agreements and ethical business practices; (c) risk minimisation strategies in the purchasing process; (i) “internal review procedure,” a review procedure, instituted by regulation, to adjudicate issues arising from an international trade agreement; (a) require proof that public sector organizations have adopted or adapted their procurement policies and practices to comply with this Legislation; (a) provide for the purchase of goods, services and construction equipment by public sector organizations in a fair, open, consistent and transparent manner, which gives the best value; (c) to be advised by supplier associations, universities, non-governmental groups, non-members and/or groups of experts or experts in the field of public procurement; and (c) the development and promotion of professional procurement programmes; (b) promoting and supporting collaborative procurement between public sector organizations; (g) “construction”: the construction, reconstruction, demolition, refurbishment or renovation of a building, building, road or other technical or architectural work, with the exception of professional consulting services related to the contract of works, unless they are included in the award of the contract; (d) compliance with procedures for promoting a decision prior to the national audit procedure and the requirement of additional issues that may be subject to review as part of an international trade agreement; 2. The Minister may adopt regulations that change the standards established in subsection 1 or establish new standards that take into account the work of public servants.