What Is An After Sale Service Agreement

After-sales support helps ensure that a customer receives as many benefits as possible from their purchase. This may include training in existing functions or training in new uses or skills. The business reasoning behind after-sales support is that it can contribute to brand loyalty and repeat sales; Happier customers tend to create regular customers. Good after-sales services can also lead to positive propaganda for a company. Poor after-sales support can prevent companies from getting a good track record of customer satisfaction and therefore growth. 4.8 In addition to repairing the products it receives, customer service can offer additional services at a fixed price. The customer will confirm that he accepts the signature of the “offer” in accordance with the terms of Article 3.3. If the customer refuses to accept these fixed-price services, Remade cannot be held responsible for a malfunction that is subsequently caused by the product concerned by the defective part mentioned in the supplementary offer. After-sales assistance, sometimes called after-sales service, is any service offered after a customer buys a product. After-sales support can be provided by a third-party distributor, manufacturer or customer service or training provider.

Typically, examples of after-sales service are support services in terms of warranty, training or repairs and upgrades. After-sales support can also be considered part of a company`s overall marketing strategy. Some customers may search for a company`s products based on its customer service. B for example the Geek Squad of Best Buy Co. or Apple Inc.s Apple Care. The seller provides something in accordance with the sales contract and is responsible for any non-compliance that exists during delivery. Such after-sales support can be free with the purchase of an item and can also be sold as part of a more comprehensive service plan, z.B. such as service plans related to the Best Buy Co.

computer sold by Geek Squad. The service, provided through a support or support service, may include technical support for PCs, mobile phones, software, machines and a large number of other products.