What If There Is No Custody Agreement

I am in a situation where there is no court order at this time. The kids don`t want to see their father. You`re afraid of him. He keeps asking to see them, and the children refuse to enter his house, etc. Is PA asking me to “do it” or for the AP to simply ask me to appear because he is suing me for custody of Das? In other words, do I break the law by allowing children to stay with me until a court says otherwise? Years ago, and all the bodily bruises disappeared. PA seems to have very few laws that protect children from contact due to past emotional scars…… If the child`s parents are MARIÉs and there is no custody order, each parent has the same custody right. In principle, anyone who has the child can keep the child. However, if the other parent receives the child for some reason (z.B a visit), that parent can keep the child.

Each parent has the same custody until a custody order is made by a court. A child custody decision describes how custody of their children is managed. It starts with a child care agreement that you can negotiate with your child`s other parent. In the absence of an agreement, the judge will make the decision for you. If you are concerned that your partner is taking your child out and not bringing him or her back, you may want to keep your child at home until you have a court order. If there is no order, the daycare or school cannot prevent your partner from picking up the child and taking it. If a couple separates but does not seek separation or divorce, both parents would continue to share physical and legal custody. Any parent would have as much right to take the child as before the separation. If you have exclusive physical custody, it is not legal for the other parent to take your child from you.

Sometimes it`s a crime to take your child from you, like “parental abduction.” Both parents can take legal action for custody of the children. Either before or after a hearing, the judge may require parents and the child to attend board meetings to develop an agreement, and the judge may consider the councillor`s report in the decision-making process. I don`t know it should start, but my kids are with the last father for the last 5 years, he agreed to let the kids come on holiday weekends, etc. as long as he wasn`t interrupted at school. Well, jyst jyst recently filled the child overport and everything I did, it won`t let me see or even let me talk on the phone. It`s not fsir or healthy for children. Plzs I need a little help, as I nsc get my kids for Christmas.