Noted Agreement That May Be Approved

That the agreement negotiated between the Commission and the five civilized tribes and the Muscogee or Creek Indian Tribe on March 8 in the City of Washington be accepted, ratified and confirmed, and that it will be of full effect if ratified by the Creek National Council. The Director General convenes an additional meeting of the Creek National Council, as soon as possible after the ratification of this agreement by Congress, and submits this agreement and the council of Congress that ratifies it, and if the agreement is ratified by that Council, as stipulated by the Constitution of that nation, he entrusts the Council to the President of the United States who ratified the agreement. , and the President of the United States then issues his proclamation, in which he declares the same declaration duly ratified, and that all the provisions of that agreement have become legal in accordance with the terms of that agreement: provided that such ratification by the Creek National Council takes place within ninety days of the approval of this law by the President of the United States. , in the Act of Congress, passed on March 1, 1901, entitled “An Act of Ratification and Confirmation Agreement with the Muscogee Tribe or Creek” and for other purposes contains a provision: , as approved in this act of Congress March 1, 1901, is heresy, ratified and confirmed by the Muscogee Nation and by the Muscogee Tribe or Indian Creek , as stipulated in this act of Congress and as stipulated in the Constitution of this nation, and the chief chief is authorized to ratify this act of the National Council to the President of the United States, as stipulated in this act of Congress. And while an act of the Creek National Council, entitled “A law rejecting certain provisions concerning semi-citizen citizens, in the agreement between the Muscogee Nation and the United States, ratified by Congress on March 1, 1901,” was submitted to me, it approved on May 25, 1901, which explicitly rejects the provisions of paragraph 36, supra. This provision only comes into effect after the express and distinct approval of The Creek National Council and seminole General Council; if it is not approved by both parties, it will fail completely and be removed from the agreement without prejudice to other provisions. And while the captain of this tribe sent me an act of the Creek National Council entitled “A Law of Ratification and Confirmation of an Agreement between the United States and the Muscogee Nation of Indians of the Indian Territory,” which was passed on May 25, 1901 and which contains a provision as follows: Well, now William McKinley , President of the United States , here matter, with the exception of paragraph 36, which has been duly ratified and that all the provisions of the agreement, with the exception of this paragraph, thirty-six, which have not been ratified by the Creek National Council, were adopted in accordance with its terms on 25 May 1901. No device or hardware may be purchased until the written notification that submissions have been verified and labelled “NO EXCEPTIONS TAKEN” or “EXCEPTIONS AS NOTED” have been re-signed. Submitted bids, marked “EXCEPTIONS AS NOTED,” do not require a re-bid, provided the contractor agrees to comply with all of the exceptions mentioned in the bid, and that is what a letter states.

EXCEPTIONS AS NOTED – RESUBMISSION NOT REQUIRED: Finds that the submitale is in accordance with the contractual documents and that the examiner`s corrections are included.