Gwich`in Land Claims Agreement

1. What is the Gwich`in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (GCLCA)? The GCLCA is a modern contract between the Gwich`in and the Canadian government, which provides security and clarity regarding the ownership and exploitation of land and resources in the Gwich`in area. The Gwich`in Tribal Council appointed the Institute to fulfill many of the cultural commitments arising from the Gwich`in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement, signed in 1992 with the Canadian government. For example, the Institute reviews land use permits for potential effects on heritage resources, makes contributions to heritage resource policies and legislation, identifies sites of cultural significance, records Gwich`in of place names, and provides information for the development of Gwich`in Land Use Plans. The links in the brown menu on this page will lead you to Gwich`s traditional knowledge policy and to the legal and simple language versions of the two chapters of the Gwich`in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement. Chapter 25 of the main agreement deals with cultural heritage resources in the Gwich`in area of the Northwest Territories. Chapter 9 of Appendix C (Yukon Transboundary Agreement) deals with cultural heritage resources on traditionally exploited lands in the Yukon, which is designated as primary and secondary use areas. Together, the Gwich`in lands in the NWT and the Yukon are called Gwich`in Settlement Region. Although not fully autonomous, the Gwich`in Tribal Council has authority over planning and conservation within its jurisdiction and exercises full ownership of various countries and organizations. These holdings include basic rights to certain parcels of NWT as well as to Gwich`in Development Corporation and Gwich`in Settlement Corporation.

An additional agreement on the Yukon border extends some of these rights to a portion of the neighbouring Yukon, provided that other First Nations cooperate in that jurisdiction. [3] Considering that the agreement also provides that the agreement is a land agreement within the meaning of Section 35 of the Constitution Act 1982 and that Parliament`s approval is a precondition for the validity of the agreement; The Gwich`in Tribal Council is a First Nations organization that represents the peoples of Gwich`in in northern Canada and owns approximately 23,884 square kilometres of land in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. It was founded in 1992 with the final ratification of the Gwich`in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement with the Government of Canada. Negotiations for a final agreement and hence Gwich`s self-management are ongoing. Hunting and Fishing The Gwich`in have been granted exclusive rights for admission to commercial wildlife activities on Gwich`in lands and preferential rights throughout the residential area. 3. What are the rights and benefits of land and resources that Gwich`in has obtained under the GCLCA? The Gwich`in obtained a paid title on 22,422 square kilometres of land in the NWT and 1,554 square kilometres of land in the Yukon. In this sum, the Gwich`in also own 6,158 square kilometres of basement, including mines and minerals, which may be present on or under these areas. The Gwich`in also received US$141 million paid over 15 years and an annual share of mineral costs generated by resource production in the Mackenzie Valley. Land and Environment Management Gwich`in is involved in land use planning and the management of renewable resources, land, water and heritage resources.