Aurora College Collective Agreement

Short courses or programs offered by institutions such as territorial, federal or provincial governments, universities, universities, businesses or private companies, which may assist a higher education educator in his or her duties or a potential job in the college, are requested through the program director and the vice-president or director of the staff department. 2.2 Each party may provide a written notice of its intention to begin collective bargaining to the other party, no less than 60 days or more than 120 days before the end of the collective agreement. 1.1 This agreement applies to employer workers who must be required to have a formal teaching certificate for their employment, issued under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, the Province of Alberta, which is collectively designated as a teacher or, if the context requires, a teacher. As part of the negotiations on the replacement of the 2009-2012 collective agreement, GNWT and UNW agreed to negotiate the provisions of Article A9.01. If the parties fail to agree on Section A9.01, the provisions of Section A9.01 and A6 of the 2005-2009 collective agreement, which are listed below, apply in the collective agreement replacing the 2009-2012 collective agreement. However, the parties want these issues to be defined in an agreement on the conditions of employment of teachers. 2.3 At the first meeting of the parties following this communication, the parties will exchange any changes they wished to make. Negotiations are limited to the points of both lists, except by mutual agreement. If leave is granted for up to six (6) weeks, trainers receive full or partial funding for teaching and transportation to the accredited institution on presentation of all receipts and transcripts, for a maximum of $2,000.00. All course work must be done at an accredited university or university. The parties agree that the provisions of Article A9.01 will enter into force as soon as this collective agreement is ratified and will remain in force until the ratification of the collective agreement replacing the 2009-2012 collective agreement.